When you’re starting out in the freelance world, some of your clients may not have it in budget to curate a photoshoot or even purchase stock photos. Eventually, this is a cost you should start weaving into your client charges, but in the meantime, here are some sites that offer cheap options. We’ve got photo site hookups, icon hookups, and even mockups! You’re going to want to bookmark these.

As a side note, I will always recommend trying to collaborate with photographers and designers that you know to get your photos, mockups or icons. However, if you can’t pay your collaborators properly, or offer a generous trade incentive (don’t ask them to hand you freebies), that’s when these resources can really help out.


unsplash.com : over 2 million free photos brought to you by over 200k professional contributing photographers.
pexels.com : Great selections and even free videos to dowload!
stocksy.comNot free, but this collection won’t break the bank. These photos are goregous and stylized, taking designs to the next level.
gratisography.com For all the quirky photos your heart may desire.


thenounproject.com : New icons added daily by contributing artists
simpleicons.org : Lots of icons for your fave brands- organized so satisfyingly by color.
animaticons.co: Not all free, but still pretty low priced- PLUS animated options!


MrMockUp : One of my go-to’s for tredny mockups. Make sure to subscibe to the email list, yout get notified when more freebies are posted to the site!
mockups-design: Clean and minimal free mockups

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