September brought some really great font finds which I’m excited to use this month of October for a few of my current and upcoming client projects. Download these beauts and add them to your font bucket, let me know how you used them or what fonts have been your fave to use this month!
Here’s the lineup:


Commuter Sans is a great reliable sans serif font that goes with almost anything. It’s versatility allows it to be used as a leading font or supportive. I love to use Commuter Sans in all caps, with some loose kerning to give it some airy breathing room. This font also looks fire when you reverse it out as just a stroke.

Where to get it: Adobe Fonts
Price: Free with Adobe Subscription


If you don’t know about the lovely duo over at Hoodzpah, please stop everything you’re doing and go see their work. They’ve been a huge inspiration for me since the first time I went freelance. Amy Hood created this brilliant monoline script font inspired by Mid-Century California. I recently used it as an accent for a few lockups.

Where to get it: Retro Supply
Price: $39 and worth every penny


I love the simplicity of this font, and how different it looks when it’s used in all caps versus used as a paragraph type. Fonts that can change their look like that get bonus points in my books. Another great feature of this font is that it is truly multilingual, with glyphs for Central and Eastern Europe, Baltics, Cyrillic and Asian Cyrillic communities.

Where to get it: Google Fonts
Price: Free


When I saw this font on Colllecttivo I was overcome with delight ready to add this beaut to my arsenal. It was the curves in the lowercase font for me. I’m currently using this font as an element in a small illustrated icon lockup for a boutique coffee shop. It comes with some really unique alternates and swashes! 

Where to get it: Befonts
Price: Free

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