How is it December already?! Here we go with again with some new favorite fonts for the month. This months round up is a little different, I’ve included a few that are on sale (literally under $10!!) which I haven’t used yet, but want to get the word out so you can but them quick!


If you don’t know about Brandon Nikerson, you need to stop what you’re doing and check out his work and especially those fonts. He has a huge collection of gorgeous fonts at a really low price. 
Nord is a display typeface with a modern take on a classic contrasting sans serif alphabet.

Where to get it: BNICKS
Price: $15 on sale for $7

BASIER square mono

I’ve been in a huge mood lately with using these monotype fonts for little details. I think it adds such a gorgeous little touch. Basier is available in circle and square. The result is a modern and neutral font family that is ideally suited for logotypes, branding, editorial design as well as web.

Where to get it: Atipo Foundary
Price: Free for regular, and paid for the whole family


A good circular font with a little bit of character, what more can I ask for? This font dramatically transforms between upper case and lowecase providing multiple styles. When Archia is in all caps it has a bit of a tech and spacey feel.

Where to get it: Atipo Foundary
Price: Free for regular, and paid for the whole family

angie sans

Angie sans was created by the crew over at typofonderie with the intention of having a bit of a human element to it.  Angie Sans is free on adobe and comes in a family of 6 different styles. I’ve been using this font as header type fin all caps, but it would work perfectly as body copy in type case as well. 

Where to get it: Adobe
Price: Free with Adobe


Would ya just looooook at it? Another beautiful creation from Brandon Nickerson. I haven’t used this font in a project yet, but wanted to include it on the line up because it is on sale and you can’t miss out on snagging this one up!
Canyon is an elegant serif display typeface based on Henri Jules Ferdinand’s “Le Bellery Desfontaines” type specimen. BN Canyon includes all english characters & punctuation along with most Swedish & European characters. 

Where to get it: BNICKS
Price: $7 on sale

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